Next Steps

We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.
— Winston S. Churchill

Our desire is that people in MCF find their God-given purpose and unlock their God-given potential in life so they can share it boldly with others.

Over the course of a year we provide various courses in the life of MCF to equip and encourage you in your journey of faith.

Some of these courses include:

Faith Foundations Course

For people new to their walk with Christ or desire a deeper understanding of God’s truth in His Word.

Equip the Saints Course

Mature and grow on your journey of faith. Discover your God-given gifts, talents and passions and find a place to activate them to shine Jesus in your church community, workplace, families and the world!

Faith in Finance Course

This is not a ‘prosperity gospel’ course of gaining for yourself but rather gain to give to others. Learn how to be a godly steward of God’s resources and finance for His glory.

Pre-Marriage, Marriage and Parenting Courses

Various Spiritual Growth Courses

If you’re interested in finding out more about our latest courses,